Cost To Clients

When we first set out seeking support for our own business ideas and businesses, we were frustrated by the lack of openness about costs. We have pledged to be open as a result of our own experiences. There is only one exception – if you would like bespoke services. We are delighted to create a support service for you if it is to be bespoke, but by its very nature we would need to discuss a price with you.

Please refer to The Bridge Model and the Start my Business, Grow My Business and Strengthen My Business tabs to see the details of what we offer.

Initial Consultation – free

To buy any individual step from any of the Bridges (this will include the documents and a two hour, face to face support session - £99

To buy all the steps within any one Bridge (this will include the documents, case studies and a day of face to face support - £500

To buy a day’s support for your business or idea:

  • Start My Business - £199
  • Grow My Buisness - £299
  • Strengthen My Business - £399

To buy additional services such as website design and construction; bookkeeping; ongoing/relationship based support; business plan writing, market shaping, office space and business consultancy – please ask and we will discuss a price with you.

To buy individual documents from any of our Bridges (which form part of our Resources Vault):

  • Five documents - £60
  • Ten documents - £100
  • Case Studies - £85 each
  • Toolkits - £99