Our Team

Duncan Chamberlain, Founder and Managing Director


Duncan is the inspiration and spirit behind Bridging to the Future. His experience encompasses working for multinationals (including Whitbread), SMEs, social enterprises and as an entrepreneur. He has also worked as a senior leader in high performing schools and for an A Level examination board. His drive and passion to support others on their business journey is rooted in a business philosophy which is based on nurturing, supporting and unleashing potential, and the systems and methods he has developed are based on his own learning curve, the benefit of a wide network and an intellectual curiosity. Duncan believes in a ‘small core model’ with optimal levels of delegation and empowerment.

Daniel Zastawny, Senior Manager


Daniel is young social entrepreneur who recently has received his master and graduate degree from the University of Birmingham. He is passionate about the need to support charities, social enterprises and the third sector. A passion that has stemmed out of his long term commitment to his volunteering work with Birmingham’s most disadvantaged youth. Daniels desire to support the third sector has shaped his work here at BtF as he is involved in writing grant applications for many of our clients. Daniels entrepreneurial spirit has pushed him into combining his social work with his business work as he is looking to develop a partner business with BtF that will offer grant writing services to the third sector.

Chris Woo, Social Enterprise


Chris leads for us in research and delivery in disadvantaged areas, developing new programmes and approaches and piloting them in areas which often prove testing and challenging. His credibility and expertise in working in these communities and on these projects has been a significant factor in the company’s continued development. He has a Masters Degree from the University of London and is an active social entrepreneur in Birmingham.

Daniel Theuns


Kormákur Arthursson


We have a variety of clients and partners, including: