How Can We Help?

We aim to help you to the very best of our ability and are focused on you as a unique individual and organisation. We have developed a range of toolkits and models to help us work with individuals, businesses and organisations, all of which are built on practical experience and a successful track record. These models and toolkits help us to ensure the personalised service we will offer is supported by a strong practical and intellectual input – but all support is individual and personalised to meet specific needs.

We strongly believe in relationship based work – meeting with clients, listening, soundboarding, and then working together to move forward. As part of that personalised service we recognise that some clients might like to purchase individual elements of our service or indeed individual documents or case studies. We will offer what helps you, so long as it is in our capacity to do so.

Start My Business

Thus we offer:

  • Documents, including case studies, for you to read and use
  • Seminars and professional development events
  • Drop in events – informal, no appointments
  • Relationship based support, on a number of levels where we work with you to achieve a specific goal, whether that be to form a company or to increase the productivity of your workforce or develop a new marketing strategy or 100s of other possibilities. Our costs are clear and open.

If you are a new business, thinking of setting up a new business, have a business idea and are not sure what to do or have a sense that you want to work for yourself, we recommend engaging with us through Start My Business.

If your business is underway, you have gone beyond set up and are trading and working, but now want to take the next step, then we suggest you might engage with us through Grow My Business

If your business is more established, perhaps having traded for over two years, then it would seem likely that the optimal approach to us would be through Strengthen My Business.

We understand, as business people and entrepreneurs ourselves, that you will want the very best service and products – so do not hesitate to contact us directly to discuss or email your specific questions and requirements.

Some individuals and businesses have specialist business interests and enterprises. We offer specific support and expertise in the following, based on our own experiences and development: